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Look Of The Week: Quiet As A Stone

I always feel a bit guilty when find my interest piqued by a developer’s side projects and not by their main ones – I feel like that one dickhead yelling out requests for Traveling Wilburys songs at a Bob Dylan concert. So it’s not without shame that I’m so captivated by Richard Whitelock’s Quiet As A Stone, a small project conceived as a testing ground for ideas destined for his two proper games.

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Look Of The Week: One Dreamer

One Dreamer

Let’s see if this one sticks, eh? I’ve been way too busy to write anything in this thing, but I keep seeing cool looking games I want to gibber about. So this is a of compromise of sorts – once a week I’ll pick an upcoming game which looks interesting and do a little mini-post about it. First up: One Dreamer from a group of my fellow countrymen going by the same name.

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My Games Of 2014: 4-1

GAMES OF 2014!

SO LATE! Later than a gridlock’d alligator, that’s me – craziness in the real world has left me with scarce opportunity to write in this thing. It certainly doesn’t help that whenever I try to write about any of these games I end up playing them instead (for “research”, obv.).

I’m not complaining, mind – when I introduced the first part of this list I mentioned that 2014 was my favourite year for video games ever, and these four games are the reason why.

Still, I couldn’t just leave the list dangling without mentioning the four biggies which made the year so special for me so here’s the final installment, tardiness be damned. If you want a refresher for the rest of the list the first two bits are here and here.

Ready? LET’S GO.

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An Interview With Augustus Caesar

Word salad.

When Augustus Caesar agreed to speak to me, I knew the interview was going to be tense. I wanted to get to the root of his reputation, the outlandish promises of friendship that so often aren’t kept, and the wanton acts of warfare which frequently follow shortly thereafter. I especially wanted to do this now that he’d attacked me personally, forcing me to abandon my hopes of a science victory and waste my economy on building defensive units instead.

We spoke via the diplomacy panel, Caesar speaking from his palatial Rome office. Sounding stressed, but composed, he asked whether I had questions or should I just let him talk. I told him I had many questions and so we began.

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