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Hodge Vs. The Backlog 3

I can't find anything wrong with this picture.

Backlog’s an odd word, isn’t it? It almost a euphemism for a seedy sexual act – the kind of act you’re instinctively repulsed by AND YET you feel a bit insecure and jealous that no one’s ever offered you one. Sigh – it’s a lonely existence here at the Podge. Aaaaaand on the other side of this awkward segue you’ll find my thoughts on Costume Quest, Zenzizenjic, Fragment and Copod. A pretty good group this week, so let’s dive in shall we?

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Hodge vs The Backlog 2

Probably should have inspected before signing the lease.

So many games! I’m swimming furiously in them like the background extra in a beach film who figures this could be his big break. And yet it me does no good – I’m forever drowning in sweet digital entertainment. Maybe Huxley was right after all. But enough of this introductory banter – the GAMES.

A monster haul, this one. Below the jump you’ll find words on: The Blackwell Epiphany, KiloBite, Bullet Waltz, Civilization V, The Organ Trail, Desert Hike EX, Marble Safari and FTL’s new Advanced Edition.

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Hodge Vs. The Backlog

Named, naturally, after my love trousers.

Or maybe that should be frontlog, as these are mostly games that I just bought. In any case, the arrival of a rare free Saturday gave me the opportunity to spend some time working through my gargantuan list of unplayed titles. So, in a delightfully indulgent binge, I spent some quality time with: musical-noir adventure Dominique Pamplemousse; 2D Thrust-with-guns-alike Luftrausers; feted pixel-art brawler Nidhogg; indie adventure/crafting mashup Echo Of The Wilds; eighties amusement management dasher Arcadecraft; and turn-based hoof racer Qvadriga. And I’m happy to report that for the most part I had an splendidly fun time.

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