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Thoughts: Satellite Reign Early Access

I’ve received an early Christmas present! And it’s a very welcome one at that: my most anticipated game of the year has unleashed its first public build via early access (sort of – it’s been available to high-pledging Kickstarter-ers for a while now, but I was a numpty and didn’t put enough money down to get in on that action). After the obligatory internal debate over whether or not to wait for the final release before playing it (HA!), I booted it up and let my lofty expectations have at it. Will it be a Win-dicate or an In-The-Bin-dicate?

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Thoughts: Broken Age


Shay said po-tah-toe, Vella said po-tay-toe and for a second it looked like Tim Schafer was going to call the whole thing off. Instead he decided to split down the middle what was already a game of two halves and the first piece is now upon us. Will it give adventure gaming the Kickstart that it needs or will it be condemned by the same crowd that funded it? Read on for my (spoiler-free) thoughts.

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