Close To The (Pl)Edge.

Tim Langdell's recurring nightmare.

Last week, Canonical set what must be a new world record for sheer gumption when they announced a new crowdfunded project with a 32 million dollar target. 32 million dollars! That comes close to the GDP of Tuvalu. Just think of all the jellied eels you could buy with that. And all for a phone – because what the world really needs is another smartphone, right?

But I really, really want this phone to happen.

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They Call Me Bruce, Too

G'day, Bruce.

So there I was, lazily browsing the news feed of the most excellent RGCD, when I happened upon an item mentioning a game called Bruce Lee II. “Bruce Lee II?”, the voice in my head queried. “Could it be that someone’s made a fan sequel to the 1984 Datasoft game? The game regarded by many as an all-time classic, not least by me? And by me I mean you?” And it was true! I do regard Bruce Lee as an all-time classic, and this was indeed an unofficial sequel to said game. I donned my investigating hat and probed further.

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Needs more orichalcum.