The Week That Was: 1/12/2014 – 7/12/2014


A week of doomed tilting at the unwavering march of time. But of what else, dear reader?

  • As the saga of Peter Molyneux’s doomed Godus took yet another excruciating turn, Steve Hogarty decided to conduct a pretend interview with Molyneux himself to try to put it all into context. Sadly, the interview didn’t deliver all that he’d expected.

  • Caelyn Ellis took an illuminating look at the current state of gritty manjaws in games.

  • This one’s a reprint of an oldie but I missed it at the time so: Leigh Alexander on how the Grand Theft Auto series has lost its transgressive touch, the once-daring freeroaming and ultraviolence now effectively safe fanservicing.

  • And while we’re on GTA, Brendan Keogh wrote a response to the response to an Australian chain store removing GTA5 from sale in the wake of a petition from anti-violence campaigners. He’s going out of his way to antagonize a bunch of people who already go out of their way to be antagonized, but I reckon he’s basically on-point. He also did a radio spot with 2SER which I just remembered I haven’t listened to yet.

  • Luis Antonio, in one of the devlogs from the upcoming game Twelve Minutes, talks about the decision to use a top-down view to make the game as accessible as possible to non-gamers.

  • This is one of the only pedantic deconstructions of grammar policing I’ve ever enjoyed reading.

  • Dev video for this week is Sup Holmes’ fantastic chat with Hot Tin Roof lead Megan Fox.

    There’s dozens more where that one came from and one day I’ll invent a machine which can conjure up the time it would take to watch them all. Terrific stuff.

  • There are some games which I love to watch other people play, even though I know I’d be rage-quitting them within seconds. Bossa Studios’ newie I Am Bread fits squarely into that category so I was more than happy to watch Laura Kate Dale dallying with its frustrations as if on my behalf.

    Incredibly, I’m still tempted to buy it.

  • As you’ll no doubt know… it’s the holiday season! If so you’re doing better than me, who somehow managed to remain oblivous to its onset and am now doomed to trying to get everything done in the last, busiest fortnight. As a small consolation, I’ll be able to at least stay on top of the myriad crazy gaming holiday sales with the enormo-helpful Is There Any Deal, a website which keeps track of sales and discounts from dozens of online retailers. There’s also Lewie Procter’s indispensable Savy Gamer if you’d prefer a rolling news feed of deals (and for the record, I have no financial or personal relationship with either of those sites – I just think they’re ace).

  • Here in Australia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but most of its trappings are effectively replicated in our holiday traditions. In light of that, Molly Schoemann’s tips for a fun-filled Thanksgiving ring startlingly true.

  • And to see us out for the week – and for the year, as this is the last one of these for 2014 – here’s Pink Floyd again with their official unofficial Pink Floyd Christmas Song.

Thanks for reading if you have been! I hope you have a safe and happy holiday break and a joyous tumble into 2015.